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notable Projects

Taco Bell - WEB OF FRIES

Finally Taco Bell decided to address the elephant in the room : where TF are the fries ?

Our pals at Deutsch brought us this classy faux trailer, directed by Joseph Kosinski. It depicts the tense plight of Josh Duhamel, who is trying to get to the bottom of a conspiracy by Big Burger to keep fries from Taco Bell customers, or something like that. Score by Shea Duncan and Joel Dean keeps you on the edge of your seat while the silent fast food brainwashing does its magic work.


Tale of a lost toy reunited with its owner -- beautifully told by Smuggler's Mark Malloy, Work Editorial's Stewart Reeves and the animation team at  ALT VFX -- presented our songwriters with a delicious opportunity to write some sweet and heartfelt songs of lost love.

Being a prolific Tile user, and one-time panda toy owner, ECD Steph Altman had an extra dimension of empathy with the panda, so he wrote this cracking song to really bring on the feels. It was one of those spots that garnered tons of youtube "whats the song" love.

UNITED AIRLINES - 2018 Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics : an opportunity to watch talented athletes from around the world getting schooled by Americans. United Airlines want to be part of that feel good feeling, so they got McgarryBowen NY to make some superhero ads. And Mcgarry wanted only the finest music for this endeavor, so they hired us, and we in turn got Brian Tyler, masterful composer of big film scores for superhero movies.

We recorded a giant orchestra. It sounded incredible.

You will see the ads on TV, but here you can watch the stunning behind the scenes films of the music we created for the campaign. Boom.